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Client Testimonals
"Our company is very happy with the service ACT provides. We have never had any problems with any parts provided or orders we have placed with ACT. We appreciate the quick turn around time. In fact, ACT has often exceeded our delivery expectations. We also appreciate the easy to read labels on the reels of parts received from ACT. We plan to continue to use ACT as our vendor of choice for mounting loose parts on tape and reel. I would recommend your company without hesitation to any company needing the services you provide."

Material Planner
"I was very satisfied with the service and Quality of ACT's work. In the past couple of months ACT has T/R numerous components for us ACT is and will always be our #1 vendor. "

P. D. G.
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Services - Tape & Reel


Surface Mount Tape and Reel


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We are proud to offer a full range of surface mount taping capabilities, and not just for the everyday components. We process components as small as 0201 chips as well as giant connectors, metal stampings, PLCC 100's, MLP's, Large QFP's, MicroBGA's weird oddform parts and things that don't even have a real name. We tape from 1 part to millions and can handle components over 7" long and over 1" deep!


Coplanarity and Colinearity

We also offer true Coplanarity (3D) or Implied Colinearity (2D) inspection on our automatic equipment. What ever YOUR requirements are, we can accommodate them. We recently did this for a customer that absolutely wanted to insure there would be as close to ZERO rejects as possible. We already inspected the components for every measurable vision scan there was but our client wanted more. We added a special camera to verify all components were still properly placed in the pocket AFTER THE COVER TAPE WAS PUT ON! Extreme? Remember, our goal is to make your life easier and solve your problems.

But Automatic Inspection has limitations...You can't properly inspect a lot of mixed manufacturers because their tolerances will usually be different enough to make a set of data impossible. That's when we go to the tried and true Manual Inspection. But either way, you can count on ACT to provide the highest level of quality and service available.

Because we support component manufacturers, distributors and EMS providers, we see a wide variety of components from PSOP44's to 3x3MicroBGS's. That means you can be sure, that somewhere in our dynamic inventory of literally thousands of different carrier tapes, we probably have one that will fit your components perfectly, and if we don't we can make it.


And you don't have to worry if we have equipment that can handle your components. We maintain a diverse array of equipment designed to meet most any need.


Lead Refurbishing

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If you have components with damaged leads we can usually refurbish them.  Our trained staff has successfully refurbished thousands of devices. We can even re-tin many devices.


We are currently able to refurbish most devices with leads on 2 and 4 sides, including Fine Pitch Leads.


Other SMD Services


  • Baking and Dry Packing to JEDEC/IPC J-STD-033
  • BGA Reballing
  • Tin Dipping
  • Programming
  • Marking
  • Testing
  • Inventory Management - JIT Release on Demand Program
  • Thru Hole Tape and Reel


We are a FULL SERVICE Tape and Reel Facility, we offer all forms of Axial and Radial Taping in either Ammo Pak or Reel Format. Not many back end service companies offer such a wide selection of services designed to meet virtually challenge you will face in today's high tech market.


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We provide an extensive range of lead forming from standard TO-92's to Hairpins, Offset Lockins, Stand-offs, Change Center to Center and more. We also can convert many standard through hole devices to Surface mount packages.


Have a non-standard RADIAL Lead Spacing?  In addition to the standard spacings of 0.100", 0.200" and 0.250", we also offer nonstandard spacing such as 0.080" and 0.140".